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Head of Department’s Message

Dear Students!

In the Guidance and Psychological Counseling undergraduate program, we aim to educate you as professionals who will perform guidance and psychological counseling services effectively for students with the knowledge and skills that we aim to gain through theoretical and practical courses since 2012.

Throughout your education, you will develop and recognize your own characteristics and needs, as well as the ability to help others. Within this scope, we have a strong academic staff (2 Professors, 1 Associate Professor, 5 Assistant Professors and 2 Research Assistants) ready to support you with their knowledge, skills and experiences. Our undergraduate program, in which we have graduated students since 2016, has very rich opportunities in terms of career opportunities. The graduates of Guidance and Psychological Counseling program have the opportunity to do master and doctoral degrees in our university. You may have the opportunity to specialize in a specific sub-field of School Counseling, Career Counseling and Family and Marriage Counseling. We are ready to see you and to contribute to your professional development, aren’t you?

Assist. Prof. Dr. Cemre ERTEN TATLI