Program Qualification

Have an understanding of science and scientific knowledge, research methods and statistical analysis techniques.

They have the ability to have an understanding of the normal and abnormal behavior of the individual and the dynamics of the behavior.

Know the basic concepts of psycho-pathology.

To be able to comprehend the developmental characteristics, learning processes and behavior patterns within the group and to know the developmental characteristics of children, adolescents and adults.

Students will be able to apply psychological counseling skills, interventions and strategies while working with individuals and groups.

Develop measurement tools, documents and resources to be used in guidance and psychological counseling services when necessary.

Group dynamics and process and have the ability to have a relevant understanding.

Based on career development theories, decision-making models and labor market conditions, individuals should be able to identify,understand and make appropriate decisions in their career development process.

Can recognize himself as an individual; use their creative and powerful aspects.

They adopt psychological counseling as a professional identity.

Have an understanding of psychological counseling theories and systems perspective.

Comprehend the importance of consultation and supervision in psychological counseling and guidance services.

They have the ability to provide psychological counseling and guidance services in accordance with ethical principles, rules and laws.

They can apply individual recognition techniques in order to provide psychological counseling and guidance services effectively.

Use information and communication technologies effectively in order to increase the quality of psychological counseling and guidance services and to monitor scientific developments.

Performs needs analysis, determines goals, plans, implements, evaluates, reports and teamwork and uses scientific research methods in order to provide guidance services effectively.