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Program Qualification

Students who will successfully complete the theoretical and applied courses in the Guidance and Psychological Counseling undergraduate program are aimed to achieve the following competencies.

1 Knows the basic concepts and principles of Guidance and Psychological Counseling (GPC).
2 Use basic intervention, techniques and strategies in psychological counseling and guidance applications.
3 Has a sensitive approach to cultural and socio-economic characteristics in guidance and psychological counseling practices.
4 Gaining an understanding of GPC theories
5 Knows a foreign language in order to follow national and international scientific developments in the field of psychological counseling and guidance.
6 Use the relevant test and non-test techniques in the field of psychological counseling and guidance.
7 Uses scientific research methods and statistical analysis techniques in research and applications in the field of GPC.
8 It offers career planning and career counseling services taking into account career counseling theories, individual and labor market characteristics.
9 Develop an understanding of the individual’s normal-abnormal behavior and their dynamics.
10 Plans and implements interventions specific to the field of GPC in the recognition, evaluation and support processes of individuals with special needs.
11 Understands the importance of consultation and supervision in guidance services.
12 Comprehend the characteristics, learning processes and behavioral patterns of the individual’s lifelong developmental periods.
13 It provides services in accordance with the ethical principles, rules and basic laws of the field of guidance and psychological counseling.
14 Performs psychological counseling and guidance with individual and group for educational, professional and personal needs.
15 Develop an understanding of scientific method knowledge.
16 Uses information and communication technologies effectively to monitor scientific developments and increase the quality of GPC services.
17 Adopts psychological counseling as a professional identity.
18 Develop, implement, monitor and evaluate school guidance and counseling program.
19 Knows different areas of expertise related to the profession.
20 Uses communication skills effectively.