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Program Qualification

Students who will successfully complete the theoretical and applied courses in the Guidance and Psychological Counseling undergraduate program are aimed to achieve the following competencies.

1. Gain basic concepts, theories, principles and methodology related to the field.
2. Apply psychological counseling skills, interventions and strategies when working with the individual and the group.
3. They can apply individual recognition techniques in order to provide psychological counseling and guidance services effectively.
4. Have an understanding of science and scientific knowledge, research methods and statistical analysis techniques.
5. They have the ability to offer psychological counseling and guidance services in accordance with ethical principles, rules and laws.
6. They adopt psychological counseling as a professional identity.
7. They can make use of scientific research methods to do needs analysis, set goals, plan, implement, evaluate, report and team work, and do so in order to provide guidance services effectively.
8. They gain awareness about their individual needs in learning.
9. If necessary, they can develop measuring tools, documents and resources to be used in guidance and psychological counseling services.
10. They can recognize the characteristics of individuals with special needs.
11. On the basis of career development theories, decision-making models and labor market conditions, they have the ability to provide services that make it easier for individuals to recognize, understand and make appropriate decisions during their career development.
12. Have an understanding of counseling theories and systems perspective.
13. Students can comprehend the developmental characteristics specific to life periods, learning processes and behavioral patterns within the group and know the developmental characteristics of children, adolescents and adults, and recognize ways to deal with the problems related to the period.
14. Have the ability to recognize the cultural and socio-economic characteristics of societies and individuals.
15. Comprehend the importance of consultation and supervision in psychological counseling and guidance services.
16. They have the characteristic of having group dynamics and process.
17. They can use information and communication technologies effectively to improve the quality of psychological counseling and guidance services and to follow scientific developments.
18. They can recognize himself/herself as an individual; they can use their creative skills and strengths.
19. They use scientific thought and transform the science philosophy knowledge into practice.
20. They have the ability to have an understanding of the normal and abnormal behaviors of the individual and the dynamics of their behavior. They know the basic concepts of psychopathology, correctly identify the behavioral problems that occur and refer them to the relevant units when necessary.