About Us

Education Period
Guidance and Psychological Counseling program education period is 4 years (English Preparation is optional).

Education language
The language of instruction in Guidance and Psychological Counseling program is Turkish (100%).

The program, which started accepting students in 2012, includes theoretical and practical lessons. In the program where there is no preparatory class, the language of instruction is Turkish. The total duration of the program is four years. Candidates are accepted to the program with Equal Weight scores from Higher Education Institutions Exam score types.


The quota changes every year and an average of 70 students are admitted to the program. The program consists of 3 professors, 1 associate professor, 5 doctor lecturers, 1 lecturer and 5 research assistants. In order to enroll the program, it is necessary to get enough points in Higher Education Institutions Exam, Equal Weight score type (min 300.000 ranking)

Each individual’s physical, mental, social and emotional capacities whose move into the success Turkey is to help develop the most appropriate level in accordance with their interests and abilities.

The Department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance – has identified it as a mission to educate Psychological Counselors who are open to the changes needed by the country in the face of cultural, economic and technological changes, adopting ethical principles, engaged in high-quality scientific research and development activities.