About Us

The vision is to help each individual who will contribute to success of Turkey develop themselves physically, psychologically, socially and emotionally in accordance with their interest and abilities

The mission is to train psychological counselors who are open to the changes that the country needs, productive, adopting ethical principles and engaged in high quality scientific research and development activities in the face of cultural, economic and technological developments.

Education Period

The education period of Guidance and Psychological Counseling program is 4 years (English Language Preparation is optional).

The Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction in Guidance and Psychological Counseling program is Turkish (100%). The program includes theoretical and practical lessons and lasts for four years. There is no preparatory class


The quota changes every year and an average of 70 students are accepted to the program. The academic staff consists of 2 professors, 1 associate professor, 5 assistant professors and 5 research assistants. In order to be enrolled in the program, it is necessary to get enough points in Higher Education Institutions Exam.